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Advice For Our Lovely Lady Friends

Be The Fun Girl, Not The Boring one.

As the title says ladies, be fun not boring. To many times do I see some of my girlfriends relationships fall apart do
to boredom. It’s not just all about keeping everything spiced up in the bedroom, for men. They also Want that cool girlfriend who
is down for anything and everything. That girlfriend who drinks a beer every now and then, who they can watch the game with. I
know this sounds a bit cliche and movie like but it’s true. Let’s go back to the early days of a relationship very quick so that
I can make my case and point.

Early On

Early on in your relationship, I can almost bet you were trying things you’ve never tried before just so that you could
make him feel like you could “hang”. It’s the truth don’t lie we all do it, even men do it. This article isn’t about them tho, you
can read more about them here. In the beginning you were trying new foods, beers, watching sports(as if you knew what was going on) and
you did all this because you wanted his time and attention. Guess what? You got it didn’t you. Now that you don’t do those fun things
anymore you lost his attention right?

See any patterns forming here. Men are different than females. They Want a buddy, a pal they can hang out with and have fun.
Which is usually why they love to hang out with their friends so much. Even the ones we hate. So if you want to keep him interested,
you have to be more entertaining than his friends. You need to give him a reason as to why he would want to hang out with you over
his friends. It’s that simple. We’ve all had the argument where he wants to always hang with his buds on the weekends and not us.
Ultimately in his mind it comes down to “where am I going to have the most fun”.

This is the main reason after so much time has went by in a relationship that the fire dies down and things get boring
and they start to seem routine. It’s not always a matter of how interesting and fresh things are in bed(even tho this is a factor).
Men are like dogs. Hear me out here. Who are dogs best friends. Who do dogs get excited the most to see. Who do dogs love the most?
They’re masters. The one that feeds them, and most importantly the one that plays with them. Be the master ladies. Feed and play with
your man, and see how much more he’ll want you.

In the early days of your relationship, when he still had those butterflies for you, he couldn’t get enough of you. He would
blow off his friends for you, miss work for you, and do whatever he could just to please you. Don’t you miss those days? Well Where’d
they go. I’ll tell you where, they went away with your personality and your sense of fun. If you are his best friend, he’ll want to hang
out with you more. When I say best friend, I don’t mean the way he is to you. I mean the way his male best friend is to him. You are in
competition for his time. Your biggest competitor? His best friend. The annoying one that always calls on Friday nights to see if he’s going to
the bar, club, party, or poker night.


Listen Ladies you must step your game up if you want him to want you more. I went more into debth here in this article. At the end of
the day your “funness meter” is going to determine the length and healthiness of your relationship. You need to stop nagging so much, and make a
change. It might take some time but I can guarantee that if you become a more interesting person to him, he’ll be crazy about you. That’s what men
want. They want a companion they have have fun with, that they can also have sex with. Pretty simple, yet all women get this wrong. I hope I’ve helped and again like
I said keep yourself interesting, and he’ll flock to you like a bee does honey. Good luck and take care.

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